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Mobile Applocations For Marg Users

The world is going mobile. When you offer a product, the market opens their wallets with their demand. Today’s market needs service at the door steps. So, having your business’s mobile app is a tending need that increase your visibility online. It provides value to your customers, helps you build your brand, connects better with your customers, fasteners the business and boosts profits. Increpe technologies provides a comprehensive package of mobile app solutions.

Marg eOrder Apps

It is flexible and an affordable super class ordering business App integrated with Marg ERP 9+ and advanced feature of Marg eOrder App. It is a perfect Salesman App for ideally Distributors & C&Fs. It is also a great pick for Field Sales Teams that are working on tasks like:

  • Collecting Orders & Payments
  • Merchandising (Taking Pictures, Locations, Electronic Signatures, etc.)
  • This Distributors App automates your ordering process without involving the need for manual intervention and dependency.

    eowner mobile app

Marg Owner Apps

Marg eOwner App is an innovative business application by which an owner gets an access of their business. By this Marg eOwner Application, an entrepreneur/owner can manage their business from anywhere. eOwner App is a Perfect Management app for ideally Retailers, Distributors & C & F's. Marg eOwner app is going to help you to increase your sales revenue by the help of PUSH SALE concept (Focus, Near Expiry & Dump Items) and decrease mistakes. Through this distributor’s app, the distributor can view the business reports and track the salesman.

eorder mobile app
Online MR Reporting

Online MR Reporting software, designed and developed by Marg Compusoft, is an online CRM/SFA Solution helpful for the Pharmaceutical Industry. Created using latest and state-of-the-art technology, the software works as a complete reporting tool that provides crucial information on the activities of the medical representatives such as their daily calls and concerning data in well designed user friendly and industry specific formats. Pharmaceutical industry employs the software as it eliminates the tedious task of repetitive form filling and manual data processing.