Data handling is one of the crucial operations of any business organization. We at Increpe Technologies serve our clients with multiple data handling and processing services. With the perfect data handling techniques we encourage our clients to accelerate and grow their business.

Data Processing

Having a set of useful information is very important to grow your organization. We collect and manipulate raw data and convert it into business useful information. It involves data storage, organization, modification and final presentation of the desired information. We provide processed data in form of reports, diagrams and tables. In computing, processed data comes in audio, video, graphic, diagrammatic, text and numeric forms. With various data processing techniques we convert unuseful data into useful and machine readable format to digitize your business.

Data Mining

Data mining is simply analyzing the available information from different perspectives and converting into useful data for increasing the revenue or cut the costs. Organizations have vast data in different formats and different databases. This different data is integrated into a data warehouse. I.e. centralization of all the data of an organization to maximize user access and analysis. This information is useful to understand historical patterns, future trends, easy customer reach and simplifies your business process. Data mining plays a vital role in retail, financial, communication, and marketing industries. We at Increpe technologies help our customers to manage their huge amount of data and give them a set of useful information..

Data Entry Service

Data entry is a crucial part of this online world of business. We understand that to raise your business on this world wide web data representation is must. We make this time consuming process relaxing for you and guaranty a complete package of data entry at economical prices to boost your businesses.

  • Data entry for e-commerce
  • Data entry for company reports
  • Data entry for foreign language
  • Online and offline data entry
  • Data entry for handwritten documents
  • Data entry for catalogues
  • Data entry for dictionaries and manuals
  • eBook data entry

Data Maintenance

Today, organizations are accumulating vast and growing amounts of data in different formats and different databases. Managing this data in an effective way is a critical part. Only collecting and storing the data is not enough. Major task is to keep this data up to date. For this purpose it should be continuously updated, altered, added or deleted depending upon market needs and business processes. At Increpe technologies we provide a 100 % assistance and serve you the best accountability of your data in all formats.

Data Conversion

Your online business requires data in various formats. For this purpose same set of data needs to be converted into different file formats. We provide:

  • XML Conversion
  • PDF Conversion
  • HTML Conversion
  • PSD Conversion
  • Word Formatting
  • Excel Formatting
  • Manual to Electronic
  • Book Conversion
  • Document Digitization